Water Damage Removal

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Water Damage Removal

When you spill water on your carpet or upholstery accidentally, it may not seem like a big deal at the time but after some time, you may find that your carpets have become worn out. This is because , even a tiny drop of water seeps right down to the foundation of your carpet and creates bacteria causing mold that damages the fabric of that carpet and creates a bad odor as well. But our experienced team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service knows how to stop this kind of damage before it spreads too far, by getting down to the flooring of the carpet and removing any kind of bacteria and odor causing mold.

Draining All the Water
Yes, you may squeeze and drain your carpet as much as you want, but often there are certain portions that will retain water. However, don’t worry our crew at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service knows how to effectively drain your carpets and make sure that even a tiny droplet of water is not left in any part. This ensures that no mold is formed, and allows us to clean your carpet out completely.

Removing Any Kind of Water-Related Damage
After our team removes all the water from your carpets, we will properly examine your carpets to check for any kind of mold and bacteria and remove it on the spot. We will scan each portion in minute detail, right down to the bottom layers, and make sure that none of these harmful substances remains on the carpet.

The Cleaning Process
With our certified cleaning techniques and experienced crew, we will get right down to scrubbing away any kind of water-related damage from your carpet. Our team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service will make your carpets look spotlessly clean.

Removing Mold
Mold is not only harmful for your carpet but can affect your health as well as it damages your immune system. So, it is necessary that you effectively remove all kinds of mold and mildew from your carpet to keep you and your family members healthy. Let us handle your carpets and treat any kind of mold and parasites that may have grown, due to the water seepage. Our top-notch treatment methods will rid your carpets of any kind of harmful bacteria and keep it looking like it has just been bought.

So, for any kind of water-related carpet woes, feel free to contact us at (636) 229-9686, to keep your carpets vibrant and fresh.