Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

With years of experience in cleaning carpets, we would restore your carpets to its former glory and then leave the rest of the floor to be handled by someone else. But we decided to extend our services to cleaning your floor tiles as well so that they match your new and spotless carpet. We scrub, wash and clean any kind of grime and make your tiles gleam to perfection.

Clean It Away
We don’t just mop your floor tiles and claim that they have been cleaned. Our team makes sure to use highly effective cleaning techniques and substances that remove any kind of dust and dirt from your tiles. We get right down to the corners and scrub them to make them look spotlessly clean.

Removing Dust Particles
The depressions on your tiles attract dirt and dust to no extent and it can be quite a task to remove all these tiny particles. Our team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service has the proper tools and cleaning methods that will get right down to the tiny depressions and remove every single particle of dirt and grime.

Tile-Flooring Services
After extending our services to tiles, we have found that most residents have been satisfied with our new services. With proper training and effective cleaning techniques, our staff strives to make your tiles shine and gleam to no extent. We make your flooring look as good as new and keep it spotless.

Professional Touch
At O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service, we don’t just mop your floors or wipe off any dust and grime from your carpets and tiles. We make sure we provide you the best cleaning service and get right down to the foundations to remove any tiny speckles of dirt and grime and scrub it to no extent. Our professional crew is always on their toes to make your tiles look like they have just been placed in the house.

For such kind of professional and high quality cleaning service where your tiles are left gleaming and spotless, you can contact us at (636) 229-9686.