O'Fallon Carpet Fire Damage Repair

Fire Damage Removal

A fire can damage a home to no extent and destroy the furniture and upholstery. You may often give up and think that there is no way to restore these items as they have been damaged beyond repair. But let our team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service take over and watch how we scrape, wash and clean your house thoroughly to bring it back to its former glory.

Doing Away With Stains and Burns
When there is a fire, the carpets in your home will definitely be burnt and stained to no extent. You may find it a daunting task to bring back the former color and look of the carpet, no matter how hard you try. Let our O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service team look at your carpets and check whether it needs immediate and effective cleaning.

Repairing Your Carpets
We at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service have always focused primarily on making your carpets as good as possible. After years of experience in this field, we know exactly how to repair your carpet and replace any portion that has been damaged by a fire, without affecting the quality of the carpet. Our team can get right down to the roost of the carpet, replace and repair certain threads and make you forget that there ever was a fire in your home.

The Cleaning Process
You may try to clean your carpets on your own after a fire, only to find that you have only aggravated the problem. This is because you may not have properly identified the extent of the damage. This is where we can help, as our team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service knows how to identify what all portions of your carpet need to be repaired and cleaned and what can be sued to do so. Using high quality cleaning substances, we will work on each portion of the carpet to remove any kind of stain and spots from it.

Getting Rid Of That Acrid Smell
Whenever there is a fire, the ash and soot particles get collected in your house and often, seep right down to the foundations of your carpet. They create an acrid smell that puts you off instantly and you may feel like throwing your carpet away. But let our expert team take away all your odor woes and make your carpet smell good again. We will remove all soot and ash from the carpet, making sure they don’t affect your carpet, and get rid of that horrible stench as well.

Thus, if you ever need any kind of help repairing and cleaning your carpets after a fire, don’t forget to call our O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service at (636) 229-9686.