Carpet Spot & Stain Removal

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Spot & Stain Removal

You know that no matter how hard you try not to drop or spill something on your carpet or furniture, it inevitably happens at some point. You are left with a big blotch on your carpet which looks ugly and unappealing and eventually ruins the carpet’s fabric. Not just this, your carpet is essentially a magnet for all sorts of dust particles, cat hairs, allergens etc. that just wear the carpet out more and more. This is why the O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service team focuses on making your old worn out carpet look like its younger, newer self.

Removing Minor Spots Completely
You might think a minor spot or stain is easy to remove as you just wipe it, or dab it with a cloth and then vacuum it. But the problem is that the liquid you spill actually seeps deep into the fabric of the carpet and eventually loosen the threads and spoils the fabric, making your carpet look worn out and rugged. Our experienced crew at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service makes sure to get down to the root of the problem and avoids just standard blotting. They scrub away and get right down to every little drop of the liquid and make sure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Getting Rid Of Major Spills
Sometimes you send up spilling items like paint, wine etc. on your carpet that are hard to scrub out no matter what you use. So you go and buy special solvents without knowing whether it is right for the carpet fabric or not and eventually worsen the situation. Do not worry about such major stains anymore as our team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service has all required information regarding such stains and how to get them out. They know which cleaning substances work best with what stains and how to get that big and tough stain out. Your carpet will look as fresh as new.

Smell the Difference
Some stains leave a distinct odor that can be very strong and overpowering and make you want to throw that carpet away. This is because when your pet causes a mess on the carpet or you spill some liquid, it seeps through to the foundation of the carpet and the odor causing mold grows. So, you have to get right down to the foundation and clean out the stain and its odor causing mold completely. It can be difficult for you on your won to choose which substances to use to get that stain right out and it is also very time consuming. Therefore our crew can help you out in getting the stain right out of the carpet and leave it smelling fresh.

Revitalizing Worn Out Carpets
There are times when you may have stored your carpet away in a cupboard or basement for a few months and taken out later only to find that the carpet is rotted and ready to be discarded. This is because water and other liquids and dust particles and allergens may have seeped into the carpet’s threads. But our virtual magicians at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service will transform your worn out carpet into one that looks like it’s just been bought.

So, don’t throw away that old carpet just as yet as we at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service can help remove any kind of stain, spot and odor from your carpet and transform it completely. Let us help you out by contacting us at (636) 229-9686.