Carpet Odor Removal

Odor Removal

When you walk into a room with a bad smell, it is the ultimate turn off and you just want to throw away whatever is causing it. Often what happens is that your pet can cause a mess on your carpet, or water or some liquid may seep through or there might be some accidents where fire and biological chemicals may also affect your carpet. All this causes your carpet to develop a distinct odor that is unbearable. But our experienced crew at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service is ready to help you out and gets right down to the cause of the smell and clean your carpet thoroughly, making it smell new and fresh.

Remove Those Ashes
If there ever was a fire near your area now or in the recent past or suppose your carpet is close to your fireplace, you will find that the ash and soot from these fires will settle down into the carpet’s fabric. No matter how much you vacuum, it will be hard to get this particulate matter out as it seeps right to the foundation and creates an acrid smell. This is where our crew at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service can help you out by removing this soot and ash that causes this odor and keeps your carpet clean.

Get that Water Out
You may have spilled water a couple of times on your carpet over the years and thought that water doesn’t cause any harm. But when you drop water on your carpet, especially if it enough to leave it soaking, the water seeps through right to the flooring and loosen the threads of the carpet. It also creates a musty odor that is not appealing to your nostrils. We at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service can get right down to the flooring of the carpet, uncover where all the water has spread and clean out your carpet completely. This not only removes the musty smell but also saves your carpet from falling apart.

Do Away With That Mold
Mold is essentially one of the carpet’s greatest enemies that completely destroys the fabric and also creates a strong odor that is difficult to bear. It is also bad as mold contains spores and bacteria that can affect a person’s health, especially children and elders. This bacterium matter can affect your respiratory system, creating major breathing problems. Thus it is essential for you to let us take your carpet and remove any signs and traces of molds to not only get rid of that stench but also to keep you healthy and fit.

No More Pet Stains
We all love to keep pets but the pet can become a nuisance when they cause a mess on your carpet that creates an unbearable stench. Instead of getting mad at your pet and throwing away all those carpets, you can let the expert team at O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service deal with it. We can remove any kind of urine or pet hair from the carpet and leave it smelling good and new.

So, don’t fret over pet stains, molds, wet spots that cause a distinct odor as the O’Fallon Carpet Cleaning Service can help you remove this odor and clean your carpet thoroughly. All you have to do is call (636) 229-9686.