Building/Renovation Cleaning

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Building/Renovation Cleaning

unfurnished. A carpet in such a condition acts like an empty canvas on which you can paint as you wish. We bring to you technical expertise for renovating your home or office building.

We offer designing services to decorate your newly built home, office building, apartment, or condominium. Our technicians possess an in-depth knowledge about installing a carpet perfectly. They pay great attention to detail in order to deliver a perfect service. They will recommend a type of carpet that will be the best fit for your building.

Carpet Cleaning Services
Once you complete the renovation of your home or office building, the area is full of debris and particulate matter. A carpet is instrumental in filtering such harmful components. Hence, it is essential to hire a carpet cleaning service when you renovate your building. The technicians and skilled experts of O’Fallon Carpet Cleaners possess the knowhow of inspecting each fiber of the carpet and cleaning it thoroughly. They pay keen attention to every minute detail and ensure that not even a speck of the particulate matter remains on your carpet for several weeks, without harming the textures and colors of your carpet.

Removal of tough stains and paint
When you engage in a renovation or construction project, you worry about spilling something on the beautiful carpeted surface. Paint is a major deterrent to the beauty and vibrancy of your carpet. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry. We have skilled experts who have vast experience of removing tough stains from your carpet to restore its original look. Moreover, we address your safety concerns because we use specially designed cleaners that do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Minor repairs
Your carpet may be affected by severe wear and tear during a renovation or construction project. We have technicians possessing high quality skills and the required expertise to repair any kind of wear and tear such as rips, tears, or any other form of damage.

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