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Carpet Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning for O'Fallon, MO

There are very few homes and businesses that don’t at least have a few area rugs or carpeting in them. These rugs and carpets tend to accent the rooms they are in and make them look better overall. If the rugs or carpeting in a room are stained, dirty or marked up; then it will make the overall appearance of that room look not nearly as nice as it could be. That is why it is recommended by carpet manufacturers to have your carpets and rugs cleaned at least once a year. Vacuuming them will certainly get rid of the surface dirt on the carpets, but it takes deep professional carpet cleaning tools to get that deep down and thorough all over clean that they so badly need.

All the tools that are needed to completely clean your carpets and rugs are stocked right on our service vehicles and only well-trained carpet cleaning technicians will show up at your door in those vehicles. We are a reputable business that takes a lot of pride in what we do and we truly care that are customers are fully satisfied when the job is done.


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The 4 main reasons for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

There are 4 main reasons that you should need to get your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year by a professional; those reasons are:



Of course the number one reason that people get the carpets cleaned in their home or business is to keep them looking good. Deep down carpet cleaning will get the lower levels of dirt out that tend to mat a rug down and also do a great job of cleaning individual fibers so that cleaned carpet looks great.
Eliminate Odors

Eliminate Odors

Carpet matting and fibers can trap all sorts of odor causing mold, mildew and bacteria. Our professional carpet cleaners will add a solution to the that penetrates deep into the matting and fibers that will kill bacteria, mold and mildew on contact. The solution will then be extracted out with a powerful vacuum to leave your carpets and rugs smelling great.


Cleaning your carpets goes a long way toward conditioning the individual fibers in them. Once these fibers and matting have been cleaned it will help extend their useful life for many years to come.
Health Concerns

Health Concerns

Not only can mold, mildew and bacteria cause foul smelling odors in your carpet but they also can cause health concerns. Dirty carpets can trigger allergies, add to breathing problems and even cause other illness if not cleaned thoroughly every once in a while; a deep carpet cleaning will eliminate a lot of this worry.

O'Fallon Cleaning Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We can keep the carpets and rugs in your home looking great no matter how much foot traffic goes over them; after all, you want your home to look great and your carpets really do a nice job of accenting the looks of any room. Our residential carpet cleaning experts will even be able to get stubborn, ground in dirt out of your carpets after pretreating and cleaning it with the finest carpet cleaning supplies that you will find. When we are done your carpets will look so good you will want to show them off to your guests at your next party or family function. Whether it’s a decorative rug or wall to wall carpeting throughout your home, keep in mind that there is no job that is too big or too small for us to do.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Businesses are faced with a tough task when it comes to carpeting and rugs. A business has to look good to attract customers and rugs and carpet are a part of that, but at the same time the foot traffic from those same customers makes it very difficult to keep those rugs and carpets looking good. That is where our expert carpet cleaning services will come in handy for you.

We have the right equipment and highly skilled carpet cleaners standing by ready to serve you. Our cleaners are experts at getting out stubborn dirt and tough stains. They can work at your business in the day or night to get your carpets looking as close to new as possible.

Are you a business that has very little downtime? That is not a problem for us; with our special dry cleaning methods that leave little or no moisture behind, your carpets will be dry in no time. No matter what challenges you face in keeping your carpets clean, we will still be able to get them looking great for you.

Carpet Stain Removal

Just because something like coffee or grape juice is spilled on your good rug does not mean you have to start thinking about replacing it. We have special chemicals and special methods of treating your carpet that will get most any stain out of it; especially if you call us right away and tell us you have a ‘stain emergency’.

Upholstery Cleaning

Most people don’t look at it that way but your furniture gets more use and abuse then your carpets do. You and your family eat on them, play on them, hold pets on them and all sorts of time is spent lounging or sitting on your furniture; that means they are dirty even if you can’t see it. Good healthy upholstery cleaning will get those pieces of furniture clean, sanitary and looking great. It is recommended that you clean your upholstery at least once per year just as is recommended for your rugs.

Area Rugs

Rugs that are not tacked down or don’t go wall to wall need attention just like any other carpeting in your home. They are way too big to carry outside and clean, so why not just have us clean them when we come out to do the rest of your carpeting. We will use the same great cleaning methods we used on your regular carpeting to get these looking like new too.

Air Duct Cleaning

Another often neglected area of your home that needs a cleaning from time to time is your HVAC ductwork. Forced air systems constantly circulate the air around your home and when they do this, that air circulation causes a lot of dust, pet dander and allergens to collect on the inside of your HVAC ductwork. Over time when these get really dirty, it can lead to irritated lungs and also helps trigger allergies. We have the knowledge and tools to clean these very thoroughly for you to help prevent these things.

You may think those inexpensive fiberglass filters do a good job of cleaning the air that passes through them but that is hardly the case. They only catch the big stuff and the rest goes right on through and builds up on the side of your systems ductwork. A thorough duct cleaning from us will eliminate the contaminants on these, help reduce unwanted odors and make the air in your home much healthier to breathe.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

There are very things in your home you want no part of cleaning more than the tile and grout that are found in your bathrooms and elsewhere throughout your home. You can’t see it with the naked eye but grout actually has little divots in it that act like planters for mold and mildew; you can scrub all you want and not even lighten the stain the mold and mildew leave. We are experts at getting your tile and grout mold and mildew free and looking like new.

Protecting Your Home Décor Investment

If you have taken a walk around your local home improvement store lately and have seen the price of carpet you would probably cringe. That is why your carpet, rugs and upholstery are worth protecting so they last you a long time. We have two excellent methods for doing that.

  • Scotchguard

A proven product that will coat your carpet fibers and make it harder for spills to penetrate and stain them.

  • Teflon

This is another coating for your sensitive carpet fibers that will help repel anything that tries to stain your carpet.
Whether it comes to protecting the carpet you have already or keeping new carpet looking that way; give us a call and we will go over with you all your options for keeping it looking great.

A Carpet Cleaning Reputation that Speaks for Itself
We have grown our carpet cleaning business by leaps and bounds not because we spend thousands of dollars on advertising but because of the reputation we have that are valued customers have spread by word of mouth. We realize just how important your satisfaction is to our continued business growth. You are not just getting a business that does an excellent job of cleaning carpets and upholstery with us, you are getting a business that places a high value on doing a job that leaves our customers satisfied each and every time.

So whether you need your carpets deep cleaned, your business rugs dry cleaned, your air ducts cleaned or your upholstery left looking like new; we are your one call business to take care of many of your carpet, upholstery and other household cleaning needs.

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